Yoo Secondary Source

Publication Year: 2017

Yoo, William, ed. The Presbyterian Experience in the United States: A Sourcebook. Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2017.  
PHS Call number: WEST PRESS 2017-23 

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Reading suggestions

See especially the introduction to Gilbert Tennent's "The Danger of an Unconverted  Ministry," page 15; and introduction to John Caldwell's "An Impartial Trial of the  Spirit Operating in this Part of the World," pages 18-19.

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Source note

William Yoo is a professor of religion at Columbia Theological Seminary  in Georgia, where he teaches American religious and cultural history. In this sourcebook, Yoo has compiled historical texts on multiple topics relating to Presbyterian churches and culture in the United States, and has also written a short introduction to each document.

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Reading questions
  1. Who is the author of this source? When was it written? How reliable is this  source?  
  2. Why did the Presbytery of Philadelphia come to oppose itinerant preaching (page  15)? How did Tennent respond to that opposition?  
  3. What is Tennent’s place within the First Great Awakening? In what ways did he  embody the movement?  
  4. What is Caldwell’s place within the First Great Awakening? How does he counter  the principles of revivalism in his work?  
  5. What parallels can be found between the First Great Awakening and American  Protestant religion today?
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Source type
History Topics
American Religious History
Presbyterian History
Time Period
Colonial Settlement (1600s-1763)