Brink Secondary Source

Publication Year: 1954

Brink, Frederick W. "Gilbert Tennent, Dynamic Preacher." Journal of the Presbyterian Historical Society. Vol 32, No. 2 (1954): 91-107. 

Source note

Frederick W. Brink (1912-1981) adapted this article from his doctoral  dissertation at Temple University, titled “The Contribution of Gilbert Tennent to  American Christianity and the American Nation.” Brink was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in the early 1940s and served for many years as a Navy chaplain.

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Reading questions
  1. Who is the author of this source? When was it written? Is it a reliable source?
  2. What action did Tennent take that helped bring about the schism between Old  Side and New Side Presbyterians (page 96)?  
  3. What is the significance of the Log College to American Presbyterianism (page  100)? To the First Great Awakening? 
  4. In what ways did Tennent help with the founding and running of the College of  New Jersey, which later became Princeton University (pages 103-105)?  
  5. Why was higher education so important to Tennent? 
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Source type
Scholarly article
History Topics
American Religious History
Presbyterian History
Time Period
Colonial Settlement (1600s-1763)