Brown Secondary Source

Publication Year: 1978

Brown, Ira V. "Cradle of Feminism: The Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society, 1833-1840." Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography Vol. 102, No. 2 (April 1978): 143-166.

Source note

Ira V. Brown (1922-2012) was a professor of history at Penn State University from 1947 to 1987. Much of his research and writing focused on abolitionism and civil rights in Pennsylvania. In addition to writing several books, his work was frequently published in history journals, including the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, a publication of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

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Reading questions

1.    Who is the author of this source? What perspective might this author bring to the subject? 
2.    What is the author’s main point, the thesis, of this article? 
3.    How do the arguments in this source differ from those in the other secondary source, Beth Salerno’s Sister Societies? What are the similarities between these two sources? 
4.    In what ways does this source clarify or contextualize the primary sources in this set? 

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Source type
Scholarly book
History Topics
19th Century Social Reform
Abolition and Anti-slavery
Women's Rights
Time Period
Slavery, Sectionalism, and Social Reform (1815-1861)