Power in Voices (of Sophia). In this exhibit you will explore and encounter a union between poetry and history. My exhibit is all about the importance of finding one's voice and using it to create, empower, and inspire.

Reading Room at PHS, including display cases by Lumen, Celia, and Doron

The Reimagining conference and Voices of Sophia archives perfectly exemplify the power in voices. Click on the links below to view how poetry can help bring greater meaning to history. 

Power in Voices title image alongside highlighted words
Voices of Sophia exhibit panel

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Voices of Sophia
Voices of Sophia exhibit panel

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Voices of Sophia
There are stories here that, if not for researchers, no one would know about...There's history here. There's stories of trailblazers, advocates, and abolitionists….When you walk through these halls, take your time to reflect on how powerful and precious your life and voice are. -- Lumen Lugo-Roman

Abortion Rights News Conference - 1989

Mary Ann Lundy speaks out in favor of women's right to abortion and overall agency over their body. She represents the Presbyterian Church in this press conference

Mary Ann Lundy and John Paul II circa 1990s Mary Ann Lundy and John Paul II circa 1990

Mary Ann Lundy Oral History - Duke University

Mary Ann Lundy discusses the Reimagining Conference and her subsequent resignation from the church, in this oral history interview. She discusses first hand the original purpose of the conference and the misogyny that still exists within the church.  

Power In Voices display case

Display items from PHS collections alongside poetry and historical overview by Lumen

Learn more history connected to the Reimagining Conference and Voices of Sophia

The '95 Illuminations -- Follow this link to read the Voices of Sophia's manuscript describing their motivations and mission. 

Eunice Poethig -- Eunice Poethig did advocacy work in expanding the numbers of women and people from other marginalized communities serving as leaders in ministry and civic life.

Reimagining Conference Audio Files -- Click here to listen to the audio from the Reimagining Conference that started it all. 

Voices of Sophia Archive -- Read the first hand account from archivist Elizabeth Wittrig as she processed the VOS archives and interviewed Janet Lowery. Elizabeth Wittrig is the Pam Byers Memorial Fund Project Archivist.

Lumen's Other Ventures:

TohoXCCP collaboration journal -- Lumen created an avenue for students at Community College of Philadelphia to be published in a creative writing journal. 

For Safe Keeping Poetry -- Lumen's blog where he publishes draft poems and excerpts from his zine, For Safe Keeping, that is currently in production.



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